kopi teduh is a coffee shop located at Tasikmalaya, West Java, Indonesia. Sourcing the proper roasted beans from around the world, and bring them here. We love sharing our coffee experiences with our community, coffee lovers, friends, and neighborhood. We track down coffees both local and import beans; that have great acidity, balanced, sweetness, and intense aroma. We buy new bag of beans every week especially for filter coffee, so grab your delicate cup while they’re in stock; because everyone deserve to get the proper cup of coffee and enjoy it as we did.

coffee resources

since we open our first kiosk in August 2017 later, we source roasters that will suitable for us, both for filter coffee and espresso beans. until we have found coffee roasters that connect with our anxiety for the coffee industry; that is Two Hands Full Coffee Roasters, Bandung, West Java.

we know that they do differently, not doing something average or just ok(ay), they do something very tasty and memorable. sourcing from farmers/traders, roasting it very carefully, and until we serving coffee for our customer.

we’re trying to bring great specialty coffee here, and the most reasonable cup for our customer. that’s our biggest reason to do the best in every choices we made.

if you have some curiosity about why we choose them for our great, and still continues until now. it’s because we want serve you great coffee! just reach us and we have some coffee for you tasted.